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  and Wendy doll  Scenes 

with Vintage doll furniture

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Doll House I


Doll House II :

Page 1 Pink Easter Bunny Eggspress  Page 2 Pink Cass Bedroom Set Easter Page 3 Ginny, Ginnette Chein set boxed Page 4

Ginny Pert Pat set  Red Balloon   


Page 5

Ginny Amsco Supermarket


Page 6

Ginny Yellow Formica Kitchen set


Page 7

Ginny Fridge Danish modern furniture


More Vintage Doll House Section III:

 Page 1 Cape Cod Toy makers bedroom/table set. Vintage Hallmark cards, Make believe , Nations 


   Doll House III :


    Doll House IV:    

Dr. Kildare Blair General Hospital staff x-rays supplies with Ginger:    1     2    3    

Howdy Doody with Ginger, Argo and Pert Pat kitchen:    1    2

MFZ pink tin kitchen:  1

Dunkin Donuts visit1

American bandstand, ELVISGinny, Wendy, Sparky:   1

My Playtown Stores article in Doll Castle News magazine

July/Aug 2008 and clips 1-6 pgs:  1

Betty's Playtown Store 1

Mickey Mouse, pink tin kitchen, Sandra Sue sandbox:   9

Mickey Clubhouse:   1     2     3     3A

Mickey Mouse Cafe 2008:   1     2    3    

1940's Artoys Supermarket Playset, tin friction carriage,

& Wyandotte Flash Strat-o-wagons  1     2     3

Ginger's July 4th picnic and Playset  (Maureen Fukishima's

vision):   1 

Ginger's Bedroom mongrammed furniture plus Watko pieces:   

1    2    3    4     5

Spring Garden Ginny Linda vintage cottage furniture:    1

Dad's backyard surprise  sandbox Barbara Ann:   2

Hall's sectional couch:   1     2

Keystone Pink Dolly Furniture set:   2

Blue Box furniture and Ginny dolls:   1

Muffie, Ginny and Chinese Take-out...more Keystone  doll furniture:   1     2

Wendy visits Ginny in Paris scene and Spielwaren  bedroom chest:   1     2

Rement Minnie Mouse Cafe and minis for Ginnys:   3

Ginny Repro kindergarten twins in Easter Cass Bedroom sets plus Little Golden Book Library:   1

Summer doll furniture Ginger Ginny Muffie Wendy beach playground BBQ Watko Vogue red Ginnette raft Strombecker and Watko swings My Merry items Allied dishes Twilight  time:

1     2     3     4     5

Halls Fold-Away Dollhouse:   2

See Norman Rockwell Xmas plus Halls furniture & Ohio Art Midget Manor tin dollhouse 2014:    1     2

1998 Tomland Kitchen 2016:    4     5     6

Ginger's monogrammed bedroom furniture by Cosmopolitan and Watko bed, vanity and bench, chair, matching stool:   1    2    3    4

See Ginger as a  paper doll :  5

Ginger's July 4th picnic and Playset  (Maureen Fukishima's vision):  1 

Muffie, Ginny and Chinese Take-out...more Keystone furniture:  1    2

Muffie's 1955 original doll kitchen bedroom black and gold furniture:    1    2

Repro Ginny and her designer favorites plus  cool Watko furniture:     1

MLW Ginny as Goldilocks in her play house decorated for Halloween Borgfeldt dishes, Red Robin, and Strombecker furniture:    1

Marx Pretty Maid kitchen with Ginny and Muffie:    4     5     7   

My  Publications featuring vintage furniture scaled for 8" Ginny, Ginger, Muffie and Madame Alexander Wendy dolls:

My Watko article Published Pages:   1     2

My Playtown Stores article in Doll Castle News magazine July/Aug 2008 and clips: Pages:   1-6

My self published article:

Grey House Creations: Madame Alexander's  Best Kept Secret: Pages   1-33


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