© 2004  by Lonnie Burr
reprinted by permission© 2004  by Lonnie Burr




Ginny waves her Disney dollar and sips lemonade !

Minnie prefers tea!

Ginny can hardly believe she is now a real mouseketeer 

with her ribbed sweater, blue pleated skirt and Mickey ears .

The aqua  vintage hammock is by Watko  and

and has an attached pillow and fringe. 

The round table with chairs and umbrella are by Watko

That company also made the white table and aqua chair set

Ginny shares her slot machine, records, magazines & puzzles

cards, books, games, plate, TV tray & tote! (Mickey, shares, too!)

Ohhh! Look at Annette!  

(a Ginny wearing another of Jan's wonderful outfits)

 Mickey watches himself on TV!

The "Mickey Mouse Happy Soup Club "

 certificate is just above the TV

                   tiny blue Cinderella  greets 

                 all her favorite mouseketeers!

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