Welcome to the Mickey Mouse Club! Just scroll across! 

I bet you recognize all your favorite mouseketeers!

 Darlene poses on the vintage Watko pull-out couch

 (  Ginnys on these next three pages are from the

 Vogue vintage reproduction series

and are re-dressed in one of a kind white ribbed knit 

and vintage blue cotton fabric outfits by Jan)

 and Mickey  

are so happy you stopped by! 

See Darlene's new necklace above !

It was a present from Ginny Linda 


Darlene and the mouseketeers spent the day decorating the clubhouse! 

 The mouseketeers play this wonderful vintage 

Schoenhut  piano with colorful keys.

The Mickey Mouse puppet show above is also Ginny size

                                           Goofy  hung all the pictures on the back wall  

                                                   No wonder he  Clubhouse Page 1


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