The bread ,fruit and veggies are Rement

There is a tiny Rement sign that came

with the blender. 

The original sink has oxidized.

This Marx kitchen set came

 with 6 ivory plastic knives,

 6 forks, and 6 spoons 

that are sitting in the sink

They match 6 plates ,6 cups, and

5 drinking glasses

(I am missing 1 glass

 that looks like the one in the photo below

The toaster with two slices of bread

 and pressure cooker are 

all Rement additions

The pot, ladle, measuring cup 

(with pretend liguid)

and Petri dishes are Rement also.

 The Lipton tea is from 

a 1965 Amsco play set.

I added my own copy of the original

50's My Merry green stamp book 

with yellow stamps

Miniature soap accessories are very tiny

The Sunbeam girl was always 

a favorite and fun to remember 


The box on top shelf is a My Merry

copy of a turkey TV dinner 

and is marked 

Campbell Co. soup on the bottom

Howard Johnson sugar cube is vintage

and I loved that it has 

a pic of the motor lodge 

on the opposite side

Rooster and Rice Krispies added

My vintage cards and Czech vase are displayed

on a dresser top that lifts up

It was close in color to the kitchen

I added a large mirror

and two vintage hand painted 

place card seating 

mirrors underneath the cards

Metal chair needs a serious paint job! 

Where is Mary when you need her?

Red Rement telephone

The seller added carboard roses

to resemble decals


Snack bar/pantry with flocked plastic chairs

Scotkins, Alcoa and Scott towels 

are 50's My Merry items



Valentines Day 2018 Pg 5


Click the chef above to see

Muffie and KFC on Pg 6