This unmarked Muffie walker came to me

 as shown above. The pink polka dot box

is marked "500 Muffie undressed

ponytails brunette "

I am leaving her hair untied 

because I still like it that way

Her pleated taffeta dress is untagged

 but I have seen it a few times online.

Muffie is excellent with great color

Her walking mechanism works

 but is a little stiff  

The dress appears to be in very good shape

The pleats look to have been ironed

but the dress top appears unwashed


I made the KFC chicken bucket 

and added  Rement chicken

The heavy balloons are by Madame Alexander

 Mary sent the tinfoil wrapped candy hearts

I made the Valentines and the TV Fun Kit

Under the table is the Rement 

chicken bucket called "RFC"

The metal table set has been played with

The cucumbers are Heinz pickle pins

I added some fruit

The Rement  pieces include: Caesar salad,

 chowder, fried chicken, cinnamon roll,

 box with maple syrup and two biscuits,

spices on a tray, a white vase, green thermos, 

tiny spoon, and Chinese saki bowls, and 

silver plastic fork

The metal silverware

 is from a Deluxe Reading Dream Kitchen set

The plates with painted red roses

 are vintage shade pulls

I made the animal crackers box

and mini Nurse Nancy books



Valentines Day 2018  Pg 6


Click the book to see Wendy 

who will clean this messy kitchen Pg 7