Welcome to another Mouseketeer Page!

My Christmas gift this year

 was a first trip to Disney World

  and here I am standing by 

the authentic mouseketeer

 memorabilia window! 

(OK now you are sure

 I am not right in the head)

This trip inspired me to finish

the cafe on this page.

Minnie Mouse welcomes you to her Valentine Cafe!

 Minnie Mouse Cafe celebrating Valentine's Day!

 Scroll across!

The Re-ment Minnie Mouse table

 came with two chairs

The Re-ment items on the table 

were sold in a kit or separately

Repro Ginny Cathy wearing

 Valentine hanky dress set

on the left

Wizard's assitant repro Ginny 

on the right 

wearing blue repro strung

 Ginny outfit by Sue.

 I added hat and cameo necklace.

 Re-ment mini goodies! 

I added the bear and Minnie mask.

Getting hungry?

Repro Ginny Daffodil wearing 1998 Disney Convention

 Ginny Minnie Mouse outfit. Doll came with yellow

 shoes, but I had to switch them to white

in order to fit the larger repro Ginny feet.

I added her matching Minnie doll 

and plastic double hearts.

My vintage molded lash walker Ginny 

in Mousekerade  outfit

 made for Cosmopolitan Ginger.

 More Re-ment goodies shown here and below!



Vintage Ginny and repro Ginny Holly Girl in

1999 Disney Convention outfit 

called "Ginny Duck".

The duck mask is from the 50's 

and made by A&H

  Ginny repro in Vogue 1999 Ginny Duck

 outfit & added 50's mask

The yellow tights have web feet 

that thankfully fit!

Apparently it is

 Ginny Duck's birthday as well!

Coke Polar bear and Donald knitted finger puppet.

I added the Bubble Gum ice cream to complement the

 Daisy and Donald Re-ment cones.

 Wendy and her beau are last minute guests!

80's Madame Alexander Lucy Locket Wendy

wearing later Disney outfit by Madame Alexander

80's Wendy's beau re-dressed

 in later Alexander Mickey Mouse outfit

(The yellow plastic shoes on these dolls 

don't fit the Alexander dolls they are making today)

I made the medallion chain

 and mouseketeer charm bracelet.

The outfits were made with tails!

The Madame Alexander box is the right size,

 but is not the correct Alexander box





Stop the music above to hear and see two videos

If you have never been on the Small World ride, 

you can go right now!

Video below is the whole ride uncut!

See ya real soon!




Christmas version is even better!

Ginny and Wendy dolls Valentines Day 2012 Pg 3


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