Reproduction Ginny dolls

(also see holiday sections for more repro


African American repro Xmas dress:   5

Ginny repro poodle cut in pink:   1

Dad's backyard surprise  sandbox Barbara Ann:   2

Margie Repro on Steiff Avenue:   1

Two Xmas pages with repro Ginnys:   1    2

Xmas 2010: Ginny in Sue's poinsettia dress

from Yester-Dolls  3

Halloween 2011: Ginny Silver Stars Princess1

Ginny's visit to Santa's Village:   1

Repro Ginny dolls in Valentine Dresses and Cafe:  1    2    3

Repro Ginny dolls Easter:    1    2

Vogue Xmas repro Ginny twins:   1

Ginny repros Susanne, Glad:   1

Halloween with Charles

Xmas 2013: Ginny Sleigh Bells Ring:   2 

Valentine's Day 2014 repro Ginny in hanky dress by Sue:  1

Repro Ginny 50th Celebration for Toy Village:  1

Easter dolls:   1     2     3

Halloween Ginny as Little Red Riding Hood:    1

See repro Ginny in her hankie dress :    2

Easter 2016: See repro Ginny wearing coat 

set  by Yester-dolls:    2

See repro Ginny wearing smocking dress 

set by Charlene:     3

Repro Christopher Robin and Pooh Gang: 1

Repro Ginny ski twin dolls & Steve and Eve: 1

Repro Ginny and her designer favorites plus

cool 60's Watko furniture:     1

Repro AA Ginny and 

a dress me blonde repro boy:     2

See Repro Ginny braids in dimity by Sue     1

See African American Repro Ginny 

wearing Spring Fling     2

See Repro Ginny's visit to 

Christmas Candy Land 2017:    1

Ginny and aluminum tree 2017:    2

Repro Ginny in red plaid 2018:    4

Ginny Repro in pink coat Easter 2018:    1 

Ginny Repro Expo doll in peach dimity:    3   

Ginny Repro wearing "Tutti Fruitti":     1

AA Repro Dress Me Ginny wearing 

50's Vogue polka dot raincoat set:     2

Repro Ginny Cathy in Candy Cane outfit and Bunky in vintage bathrobe:     1

Repro Candy Dandy Ginny

 as witch 2019:     1

Repro Ginny as Annette, Margie,

and Hope mouseketeer fans:     1

Repro Ginny Margie Valentine jewelry:     1

Repro Clothespin Ginny, Birthday

on Valentines Day:     2     3   

Repro Ginny redhead in '54 Candy Dandy

green outfit:     1  

Repro Ginny in a First Secret book outfit 

stripes and MA Tiger Lily:     1     2     3     4       

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