The pink plastic dishes are Barbie items

 The tea set is vintage 50's

(I bought several identical tea sets

for other scenes)

The cake and banana split 

are by Re-ment 

as are the  little decorations 

shown better

in the Re-ment stock photo

 on the right.



Ginny's vintage sliding door closet 

was made by Vogue 



These toy items were fun pieces

I have found in my travels


The clown is a wind-up toy

The box is empty and I made a card


The number game

 is a vivid toy memory from my 

childhood. I made the 

Good Humor party hat

and added a Hoodsie type ice cream 

Ginny needs to clean off her bed!

(Bed and coverlet by Vogue)

Ginny's "LOVE" Lite Brite is from me

The extra little pegs are in the bag 

 Ginny is a very big Mickey Mouse fan!


Ginny's vintage Vogue heart chair

is the perfect spot to display

a "Re-melt" candy box with removable

little chocolates.

The heart cake and box are

also by Re-ment

 #2 Luxury Sweets series


Valentines Day and Ginny birthday

 party 2020 Pg 3




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