Reproduction Ginny Margie wearing

a floral dimity dress set

by Sue of Yester-dolls


I made the necklace

and bracelet set

The blue shoes are Vogue

Ginny reproductions


 These Ginny size Re-ment   minis,

were produced several years ago, 

 I can say I am a very big fan.  

The pieces I own are amazingly 


I stopped collecting, however,

when the quality sadly changed.

The cookies, milk carton ,

glass of milk, red plate and,

cookie jar above are

 among my favorites.


The cookie box above is

also a Rement treasure as

the cookies are removable from the box

These cookies above were sold in the 

Luxury Sweets line

Repro Ginny Margie doll

and Re-ment cookies

Valentines Day 2020 Pg 1




Click the balloons to see

Ginny's birthday 

on  Valentine's Day Pg 2