Jill moved the Sandra Sue dining table into

Ginny's bedroom for a surprise sister sister party.

Ginny's birthday is on  on Valentine's Day


Jill surprised Ginny with a guitar

similar to her own.

(Since I jam way too much into a scene,

I will focus on some of the minis)

Friends from all over the USA

sent birthday gifts that Jill displayed


Ginny posed for a birthday pic

She is a 2004 Reproduction

Clothes pin doll.

Ginny is holding a birthday card,

 a fan, and musical note pin all from Jill

Jill looks exhausted

and might be wondering,

"What was I thinking? I will have

to put all this stuff back

after our lunch!"


Ginny just loves costume jewelry

and her favorites are on her

vintage monogrammed Vogue vanity

 with mirror section closed

The 50's My Merry L'Aimant

bath water display box

 is in poor shape

(The little MM bottle inside

has no label

and the former contents

discolored the inner glass )


Sweet Ginny Sharon made Ginny's

favorite Valentine box!



Ginny Linda sent sewing cards!!!



It must have taken forever

to punch out the tiny holes

A labor of love!

Ginny Linda acquired the pattern

from Ann Vanture

The candy containers and yellow scoop

are Rement items

The rubber auto key ring had

 a place for me to

add Ginny's name

Valentines Day 2020 Pg 2





Click the balloons to see

the birthday table on Pg 3