Repro Candy Dandy Ginny 

wearing handmade

witch outfit by "Georgia Shields"

Thank you so very much Annette

I added the Alexander slip ons

and a bracelet .     




Ginny found a book of spells

and cast them on poor Dad 

and each of her 

doll friends below

She thought the book 

was harmless!


Ginny realized too late

 that her spell book

showed no way to 

reverse the debauchery

she had created.

Best friends and Dad 

were now scaring her



To make matters worse,

 she somehow melted a

wicked witch who had flown

 to her aide.


( The melting yarn witch is a pin 

you can wear and 

it came with the outfit.

The broom stick was also included)


Ginny was now desperate and

asked the ghosts if they could help?

"Of course we can," they replied. 

"We are female ghost busters

 in disguise

You can say good-bye 

to those scary faces!"



 Almost all the victims

returned to their previous selves.

Her little brother,however,

 remained a troll.

Ginny wasn't so sure if that

 was such a bad thing!



Repro Ginny Witch Halloween 2019 Pg 1



Click the witch to see Alexander Wendy's

Halloween spider dress