Ginny had a great idea!

She folded up the Watko sofa bed

(it has a tiny split on the right cushion)

 and called her friend Lily

who lived next door

Lily had received a copy

of Ginny's First Secret

from the Easter bunny !

They agreed they each loved

 the beautiful pictures

and the story was so special

because well...

it was all about Ginny herself!


Ginny was wearing the

very same brown striped dress

that Hazel Hoecker had illustrated.

Lily had saved a native American

costume from her role in Peter Pan!


Ginny told her of an idea

that would be fun for them both

Lily liked the idea 

and was dressed in a flash !

Madame Alexander Tiger Lily

(removed from box)


Ginny brought Sparky inside

He only wanted to beg for treats


Mother grabbed her Nikon camera

and snapped a photo when Lily arrived

The girls were almost ready for the final 

part of their plan...a very special pose

Mother snapped the pic below

Lily  plays Silver Moon and

pretends to share a secret

with Ginny just like in the book!

If only Sparky would behave!

"Oh no," said Lily.

I forgot my

stuffed lamb!!

Mother said the photo was perfect

anyway and not to worry.

Ginny and Lily will send their

playful photo to the author

 Lee Kingman and to the illustrator

Hazel Hoecker

as a thank you for a 

truly wonderful story


(If you want to know Ginny's secret

 you can still buy the original 

book from some online sites) 

or you can click the girl below,

but please

keep the answer a secret!

Can you do that?

 Ginny's First Secret with

Madame Alexander Tiger Lily

Easter 2020 Pg 4






Click Sparky to see Wendy

ride and sing at Sunday School

 and Mary's gift Pg 5