Madame Alexander Wendy dolls

(newer releases)

Wendy's "Trip to the Moon" 1

Madame Alexander Wendy dolls Visit the Wizard of Oz:  

    (Dorothy  and Toto, "Prom   Queen"," Munchkin Herald", "Munchkin Peasant", "Sleepyhead Munchkin") :    1 

Wendy dolls cook: "Lil' Christmas Candy"  and "Christmas Cookie" 1

Madame Alexander Wendy dolls Wendy visits the North Pole as "Wendy elf" and "Cherry Parfait":  1

Madame Alexander "Beat the HeatWendy on her way to the July 4th fireworks (Maureen Fukishima's vision, a Ginger play set ) :   2

See Wendy as 1992 "Poor Cinderella", and vintage Ginny strung transitional as Fairy Godmother, Storyland Collection Cinderella:    1

Wendy "Madame's Sketchbook" and "Little Miss Godey" Bewitched theme:     1  

Wendy wearing Alexander "Gumby" outfit Halloween 1

Wendy Twins "Tooth Fairies"  1

Wendy "My Little Sweetheart":    1

Madame Alexander's plush "Frosty" and Maggie doll "Sugar N' Spice Reindeer":    2

See Madame Alexander's "Christmas Visitor"  & "Christmas Cardinals" Wendy dolls   3

80's Madame Alexander Wendy boy and girl dolls dressed in later MA outfits  "Mickey and Minnie":    3

Madame Alexander Wendy "Petticoat Picnic" (Easter):     1

2011: Easter: "Special Event Wendy",  Earlier issue Wendy wearing " Little Bunny Foo Foo":      1     

Madame Alexander Wendy wearing "Eggs-cellent Easter", "Wendy Shops at the Toy Shoppe":     1      2

See Madame Alexander Wendy, " Sax own Christmas Carol"   2

Wendy Egg hunting :   3

Wendy "Wuthering Heights" (inspired by Cathy character) wearing Vogue Ginny repro trunk set dress on my "Toni Perm" page:    4

Halloween with Charles "Wendy Loves Snoopy" and "Wendy Loves the Great Pumpkin":     1

See Xmas Wendy dolls "Winter Garden" and Wendy wearing "American Sweetheart" :     3  

Wendy wearing "Wreath of Holiday Wishes" 2013 :     4

Wendy wearing "Monkeying Around" (Valentines) 2014 :     1  

Wendy Lillian Vernon "St. Valentine's Day":      2

2015: Wendy "Danger's First Easter" and FAO "Easter Delight with Penelope":     4

Madame Alexander Alex Mold Wendy  wearing  "Marching on Maggie" outfit and added MA baby :    1

Wendy wearing Madame outfit  "My Heart belongs to You" :     1 

Alexander Wendy "All My Love":     1 

The Alexander boy Twins "Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum":      1

2016: Wendy wearing "Easter Splendor"   1 

Wendy "April in Paris" doll with Repro Ginny and Spielwaren:     1

2016: Halloween articulated Wendy dress-up:    1

Alexander Wendy wearing "I'm a Little Teapot" outfit:     2

Wendy's "First Puppet Show doll"  wearing "Collecting Dolls" complete, Trunk set Wendy with triple braids, Wendy "Easter Portrait" (made for Lillian Vernon):         1

2016: Xmas Wendy wearing "Winter Magic" outfit:    2

2017:Valentines Day: Two forever Wendy friends :     3 

2017:Valentines Day: "140th Anniversary Wendy" made for FAO" She is wearing her sweet curly up do:    4

2017: Easter/Spring:  Madame Alexander Wendy wearing "Easter Parade" for Lillian Vernon:     3

2017: Xmas "Angelic Treetopper Wendy":      1

2018: Alexander "Mother's Little Helper":     7

2018: Wendy "White Rabbit":    2

2019: Alexander Uptown Design Boutique with Wendy wearing "Miami Beach":      1

Wendy in trunk set (Spa):     2

Wendy "Croquet Match" and "Maggie Loves Golf":     3

Wendy "Day at the Mall":     4 

CU City Shopper Wendy:     5  

Alexander dolls Maggie (Wendy's sister) Alex:     1

Alexander Wendy in spider dress:     1

Wendy wearing Renoir:      1

Wendy wearing Degas:     2

Wendy wearing Vogue dress "Very Victorian" and

Wendy wearing "Little Princess":     3     

"Wendy visits the Worlds Fair 1893":     4

Christmas 2019:  Wendy "Christmas Tree with Ornament" (no Lenox):     1     2

Wendy "Minnie Rocks the Dots":      3

Wendy "Tiger Lily":     1

Wendy wearing "Wendy Loves Sunday School":      2

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