Wendy Alexander Brown welcomes you

to her Miami Uptown Design Boutique

 Wendy is wearing an untagged Alexander outfit

called "Miami Beach"

The matching original tote has an

embroidered flamingo.

Wendy will give you a brief tour

 of the grounds

before presenting some of her

 favorite clothing models wearing

outfits for summer leisure

(I added an Alexander hat to this outfit)

The Uptown Madame Alexander Boutique

 is a cardboard store front

with awning and was sold 

with a different Wendy doll

(I believe this tiered display stand was

originally sold as a center piece

for displaying tropical drinks)

I added the cardstock convertible

in the faux carport

All of those fabric flowers came with

the set

I added the chick and frog

and pink yarn flamingo finger puppet

Now that you have seen the studio,

take a look at some cool outfits 

 modeled by Ginny ,Wendy, and Maggie

Click the flower to see

the latest in Spa fashions!

Miami Uptown Design Boutique  2018 Pg 1