Merry Christmas !

White Xmas Bing Crosby vintage Ginny painted lash walker Pg 12:    1

Ginny's Christmas Doll house/dollhouse    1

PLW, Transitional Strung Ginny, Sparky:    1

Xmas 2003: toy close-ups Ohio art stove Ginger in plaid:    1

Xmas 2004: Muffie at toy shop, MLW Ginnys, Cass green furniture:    1

Xmas 2005 : vintage tin kitchen/box:    1

Xmas 2006:Hall's closet, bed in cherry, repro Ginnys:    1

Xmas 2007: go back in time: MFZ, old catalog toy and doll ads, video clips:  Repro Ginny wears MA "Wendy Loves Shopping FAO Swartz" :     1

Wendy Lil' Christmas Candy  and Christmas Cookie:     2 

Old catalog doll and toy ads:     3      4       5      

Commercials for  vintage toys:     6

Xmas 2008: Hall's doll  furniture, Shirley Temple tribute, & Afro American Ginny repro:   1954 Halls and PLW Ginny Corsage:    1     2

Ginger doll under hairdryer:    3   

Shirley video clips:     4      

2005 AA Ginny wearing 2008 Vogue repro Christmas Tree outfit:    5

Xmas 2009: 1995 Wendy elf  visits North Pole and Wendy Cherry Parfait doll:    1    

Repro Ginnys Xmas Miracle on 34th with Ginny wearing Vogue repro outfit          " Winter Wonderland", mini Ginny, & Ginny as Hospital Nurse in Alexander outfit:    2

Xmas 2010: Christmas eve Repro Ginny Binky and Bunky in pj's  1

Xmas 2010 Ginny in Rockefeller Center NYC repro:  2

Xmas 2010 Ginny in Sue's poinsettia dress  from Yester-Dolls:   3

Xmas 2011: Ginny's visit to Santa's Village:   Repro Ginny wearing Alexander "Christmas is Coming" outfit:    1

Madame Alexander's Frosty and Wendy's sister Maggie Sugar N Spice Reindeer:   2

See Madame Alexander's Christmas Visitor & Christmas Cardinals Wendy dolls:    3

See Muffie Remembers her Blue Christmas:    4

Xmas 2012: Vogue repro Ginny Holly boy and girl twins Caucasian and African American versions:    1

See Madame Alexander Wendy Sax special:    2

See Nancy Ann Muffie dressed for shopping & later wrapping:    3 

See Ginny and mini Ginny by Sharon:    1

Xmas 2013: Ginny Sleigh Bells Ring   2 

Xmas Wendy dolls wearing Winter Garden and American Sweetheart outfits :    3     

Wendy wearing Wreath of Holiday Wishes outfit:     4

Xmas 2014: Norman Rockwell Vintage Xmas with Halls dining room and original 1954 Muffie walker & repro Ginny :   1      2 

Ginny repro Hope in red 2014:    3

Wendy Loves Rudolph 2014 SOLD:    4

Two Wendy dolls in a Winter Wonderland include , Holiday Jubilee, Amy Loves Ice Skating, and MA horse and sleigh from a Sleigh Riding Wendy set (purchased both without the doll)   5

Xmas 2015: Wendy wearing Madame outfit "My Heart belongs to You" :    1

Xmas 2016: vintage Ginny doll twins in vintage Vogue ski outfits and repro Steve and Eve MIB:    1

Wendy in Wonderland wearing" Winter Magic" outfit:    2

Vintage Exc Muffie walker doll with box:    3

Xmas 2017: Repro Ginny's visit to Christmas Candy Land:   1

Ginny and aluminum tree:    2

Alexander Angelic Treetopper Wendy:    3

Xmas 2018: Repro Ginny Cathy and Santa Express:       1

Muffie, Bunky, Alex, Maggie, "Snowman Ballerina" :     2

Xmas 2019:  Madame Wendy: "Christmas Tea With Ornament " (missing Lenox ornament):    1     2

Vintage Muffie in 1956 outfit Howdy theme:     3 

Madame Alexander "Minnie Rocks the Dots":     4

Reproduction Ginnys mouseketeer fans:     5


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