MLW  1955  wearing her complete

crispy Bridal Trousseau Suit #41

poses for a honeymoon good-bye 


Ginny is a big Patsy Cline fan 

and loves country western 

as much as rock and roll ! 

This guitar will never leave her side!

She also sports a large "diamond" necklace 

and matching "aqua and diamond bracelet"!

Hubby was generous!  

Her wonderful flip 

compliments her harder 

to find brown eyes!

She is a vision!  

Thanks, Pat I love her!!  

There is another pic of her 

with a juke box on

Dollhouse Page 1 ( hit re-load!)

Country sounds cooler with a with Coke! Don't you think?



Molded Lash Walker  Ginnys Page 17

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                          in her lime green

                          Gym kids romper! Page 18




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