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First ever Easter Pages 2005  Vintage Ginny Cathy, Cheryl and Painted eye Crib Crowd in Bunny Eggspress Easter village:    1 

Muffie with Cass decals furniture:     2 

1955 MLW Kindergarten Ginny:      3

Easter 2006:  Strung '54 Cheryl and Repro blonde Easter bunny   1

Easter 2007 : Repros: Crib Crowd brown hair blue eyes in pink, Ginny April in 2006  Party pack separately sold outfit, MIB Lily, and plastic decals bunny nursery furniture  :    1    

Rement Easter brunch displayed with  pink tin played with Disney kitchenette:     2

Easter 2008: Two Carol outfits and 54 vintage Hope outfit:     1   

Repro "Spring Frolic" and mint vintage Vogue dress:     2

Easter 2010:  Candy and Paas boxes I made, Betty's Peeps , Annette's Easter scene, 2007 Repro Ginny in green reproduction Vogue outfit " Away We Go":     1   

Repros: two Ginny Crib Crowds, one in Sue Roberts outfit, Expo Ginny in Cheryl, April in Lots of Lace, Keystone pink Dolly furniture:    2

Easter 2011: AA Repro Ginny  in 1954 "Candy Dandy" outfitMore Repros: Hope and Dance Class in repro "Mint Green Candy is Dandy" outfits, MIB  AA Ginny and AA mini Ginny re-dressed in "Mint Green Candy is Dandy" outfits, MIB "Mint Green Candy is Dandy" original boxed set with Ginny and mini Ginny:   1 

One UFDC Crib Crowd Bunny from 2003 and another in a  playsuit by Sue of Yester-dolls:    2 

One "Special Event" Alexander original Wendy doll and another  wearing "Little Bunny Foo Foo" outfit:    3  

Alexander  Wendy wearing  "Eggs-cellent Easter" outfit:    4  

"Wendy Shops at The Toy Shoppe":    5 

Easter 2012: Twins, Ginny, Wendy, vintage Muffie walker:    1     2     3     4

Easter 2013:

Ginny repros  Susanne, Glad:   1

Halls Fold-Away Dollhouse  2

Wendy Egg hunt:   3

Wendy "Toni Perm":   4

Vintage Muffie walker:   5

Ginny decorates for Easter:   6

Easter 2014:

Repro Ginny in lavender with friends:   1

3 Wendy dolls dressed for Easter:   2

Muffie in vintage hanky dress by Sue:   3

Easter 2015: Ginny dolls dressed by Sue:   1    2    3

Madame Alexander Wendy and Danger:   4

Easter 2016: Wendy wearing Alexander Easter  Splendor:    1

Ginny Repro wearing Sue's coat set:    2

Ginny Repro in pink and blue with smocking  by Charlene:    3 

Vintage Muffie in pastel blue ribbons and pearls by Charlene:     4

Easter/Spring 2017:

See Repro Ginny braids in dimity by Sue:      1

See African American Repro Ginny wearing Vogue outfit Spring Fling:      2

See Madame Alexander Wendy wearing Easter Parade:   3

See vintage Muffie walker wearing  her original umbrella dress:       4 

Easter 2018: See Repro Ginny in pink coat:    1

See Wendy as the White Rabbit:    2

See Expo Ginny in peach dimity by Sue:    3

See 1953 Strung Muffie  in aqua:    4

Easter 2019

See Repro Ginny in organdy with gold dots:     5   

See Repro Margie doll in sweater set by Sue:     6     

See strung Muffie in NASB fabric by Sue:     7

See Easter morning scene with Ginny and Muffie:     8

Easter 2020

See Repro Ginny wearing '54 Candy Dandy  outfit:    1

See Repro Ginny in stripes:      2           Peter  Rabbit tea:     3     

First Secret:            4a

Madame Alexander Wendy wearing Sunday School outfit rides and sings:     5


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