Vintage strung Muffie doll wearing

a copy of a strung

Nancy Ann Storybook outfit

Sue had original NASB fabric

and she knew how much

 I wanted this set

I love it!

She even provided a donut

snap much like the one

 used on later Muffie outfits


Note the fabric ruffled hat edge

Cute felt lined matching purse

sweet flowers

 Sue included a loose ribbon

as a headpiece option

This was vintage snow globe

I found. Tinkerbelle is affixed at the top.

The yellow lettering in front of the

castle spells "Disneyland"

Strung Muffie remake

 with Nancy Ann fabric

Easter 2019 Pg 7




Click Tinkerbelle to see

Easter morning with

Ginny and Muffie 2019 Pg 8