My new Basic strung 1953 Muffie

doll was a splurge

and a wish come true!

Below are the pics of the Easter

outfit she chose to model

I purchased this complete boxed

 Muffie outfit

 by Nancy Ann Storybook

It was made in 1955 and is #705-3

The outfit came from Ruby Lane

 and the seller, Dolls of the Golden Age,

 gave me permission

 to keep her photos

I could not believe how gorgeous it is!

Original floral headpiece


Some bunny loves you!

The dress looks wide because

I did not want to

put any creases in the dress

 or snap it because it looks so perfect

The shoes to this 1955 outfit are plastic

as shown in the second photo.

I kept the 1953 centersnaps

on this basic doll

just for these 3 quick pics .

Because the shoes are mint,

and original to the doll,

I will most likely never remove them.

 Strung '53 Muffie in aqua Easter 2018 Pg 4




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