Welcome to Ginny's 

mini Little Women card collection!

Cards in the Ginny photos are now for sale

Here is my Ginny with 4 mini Little Women cards

made from copies of the vintage originals. 

The 4 card set includes a 2 piece cardstock lift off box to assemble.

(See Box in Ginny's left hand)

The box was created from the original paper packet .

Included also is a practice page that maps how to cut 

and fold both the top and bottom sections of my box.

(I use Aileen's glue to secure the 4 corners.) 

I am also including a small brochure

and a regular paper packet copy with a Jo front attached.

These dolls also have backs to them. They are blank inside.

See below

Photo shows Ginny with the backs of her cards.

Total is $6.50 plus 2.00 shipping= $8.50


Please Title the email: LITTLE WOMEN

and include your shipping address

Carolyn@ cataumet.net


I accept Money orders , checks,

and pay pal 

Little Women Printed cards for Ginny Muffie Ginger


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