My-My repro Ginny doll 

is modeling a "make a pointy paper party hat"

 with  you- know -who

  on the front!

These are Sharon's wonderful Ginny dolls modeling the pointy hats

 and also the wider brim pink party hat on a separate page link

hat comes as a single unit

ready to cut and paste.

1 chin strap is included and 

it will poke through pre-punched tiny side hat holes. 

These glossy finished party hats 

are $ 5.00 each postage paid. 

To order please use the order form below.

Please cut and paste the order form 

into an email addressed to me. 

My email is at the bottom of the form.

I will accept checks or money orders!

I email when I ship!   Thanks :) Carolyn


I accept Money orders or checks

 but not pay pal at this time

I would like to order the following Skinny MM HAT:

                     Please send: ___ hat (s) at $4.75 each postage paid to include a chin strap

                       (Please type your email address and delivery address  below)

                        My email address is: _________________________       

                        My name and shipping address with zip code is:




Please title the Email: 





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