Welcome to Ginny's My Merry Land!

(Please scroll across my coffee table to see...)

 ...a printed collection 

of mini repro My Merry vintage toy memories! 


There are over 50 darling stand-up graphics 

that are Ginny's favorites and mine! 

The little paper closets and kits 

are sized perfectly for Ginny to play with. 

Ginger,Muffie,Alexander Wendy,

Riley, Betsy McCall and Barbie size dolls 

will love them too!

These sweet store and closet fronts 

will add so much to your vintage furniture scenes 

or love them all set up together as " Merry Land ".

Above is my new mint repro classic Vogue Ginny

wearing a vintage 1954 Corsage series outfit 

from Sue Perry's childhood collection.

Note Ginny balances an open copy of the original 

Merry Toys Savings Stamp Book.

 The yellow squares are the little Merry Stamps 

printed in a single graphic..

Ginny has many Merry dollars just in case 

she finds another closet to "buy" for her dolls!

I printed these closets using cardboard stock.  

The sides fold creating little upright tab supports. 

The colors and graphics are realistic and look vibrant.

Here Ginny shows off her Supermarket, Hardware Store,

Kitchen Closet, Over Night Closet, Dolly's Linen Closet

Bath Closet ,Laundry Closet, and Hostess Closet

I did some closets so that they appear open with contents, 

Others appear closed.

 I am a lover of graphics as you can see and 

creating Merry Land was a lengthy, but very exciting project!



Scroll across to see close-ups of mini My Merry Playthings Closets,  Drugstore, and Birthday Card.


I have not offered any mini prints since 

I did the mouseketeer records

 and hats a while back. 

I decided it was time to finish this My Merry project 

and offer these mini closet repros for sale  

to help fund this web site. 

 All My Merry graphics are printed on 

10 pages of card stock to be cut  and folded at the ends

 and in some cases, the very center of the graphic.  

The process is straight line cutting.

I will include a copy of my original 

My Merry Savings Stamp Book

 with cover and inside stamps graphic. 

This stamp book reminds me of those store give-away 

 green stamp books

 put out by S&H  and Top Value way back when.


I will also include some My Merry dollars

 for your Ginny to spend. 

These Merry dollars are in addition to the 50 graphics. 

 The tabs on the little stores and closets 

can fold forward or back as you like.

  This is a cute project to do with a child 

who might like these paper decorations 

added in a doll scene.

 The closets also look cute on a display shelf.


 The price is $23.50 postage paid

 (for the complete 10 page set) 

 shipped in a first class yellow envelope. 


I accept pay pal, checks,and money orders.

Please email with your order before sending payment

I have additional printables for sale as well! 

 They are listed below!

Mini vintage Little Women Cards 1

Party Doll Cards 2

and my favorites,

 mini Fairfield Story characters 3

Please add 50 cents extra postage 

for each of the smaller card sets

 you may add to this order.

Click the Coke below

 to see more vintage greeting card minis






Please Title the email: Printables

Thank you Carolyn@ cataumet.net




Bands for re-stringing arms and body bands, 

Ginny Bows, Ginny glasses, cowgirl arm cuffs, and

Muffie chair on these pages: 1 2 3 4 5  

Printables :

My Merry Hat Sets: 1

Ginny Loves Little Golden books! 35 +Hat sets: 1

Ginny Loves Nurse Nancy Kit  1

Hat combinations to browse of Dan and Nancy: 1

Ginny Loves Doc Dan : 1 

Ginny's MM Club Hat Kit #1: 1 2

Ginny's 1st Secret set: 1

Ginny's pink party hats: 1

For Sale: Skinny Pointy MM Hats : 1  

For Sale: MY MERRY LAND: 1

For Sale Little Women mini cards: 1 

For Sale Party Doll mini cards: 1

For Sale Fairfield mini cards: 1


My Merry  "Merry Land" printed minis

 for Ginny, Ginger, Muffie! 


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