Summer 2018

Madame Alexander Miami

Beach Wendy and

her Uptown Alexander Boutique 

Design Fashion Show:

                                           Wendy wearing "Miami Beach":      1

                                           Reproduction Ginny "At the Spa:     2

                                           Wendy in trunk set outfit (Spa):     3

                                           Reproduction Ginny wearing

                                           "Tutti Fruitti":     4

                                           Wendy "Croquet Match" and 

                                           "Maggie Loves Golf":     5

                                           AA Repro Dress Me Ginny wearing 

                                            50's Vogue polka dot raincoat set:     6

                                            Wendy "Day at the Mall":     7 

                                            CU City Shopper Wendy:     8  


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