This is the 1953 Muffie Cinderella 

doll by Nancy Ann Storybook

Not a scary costume, but certainly

one I would have worn way back when.

Cinderella's Stepmother was very scary

and she showed her wrath when she 

had the step sisters tear off the dress

the mice had worked so hard to create.

Luckily Cinderella's Fairy Godmother

surprised her with a perfect dress

and a coach for attending the Prince's ball

She told Cinderella the magic

 would end at 12:00


The clock was about to strike twelve!

Cinderella knew she had to flee!

She lost one glass slipper as she

 rushed to make it back home

She was so grateful to have 

danced with the handsome Prince

The Prince searched the kingdom for

the girl who would fit into the one glass slipper

as she would become his bride, a princess!

The scary Stepmother was furious

when the slipper fit Cinderella perfectly!

Cinderella left, became a princess,

and graduated with a doctorate in

social services so she could help

children who have been abused.


The faux brass mirror and comb set 

is actually a scarf clip

The gorgeous gown does not look to

 have been played with

I pulled back the over skirt to show 

where the mint original pink bow

on a brass barrette was pinned

I had Sue replace the elastic on the panties

but the outfit should have pink taffeta pantalets

I have white taffeta replacements

with pink bows attached

made by Madame Alexander.

The lace she layered is very similar

to the lace on the gown

There were a few tiny spots underneath

that look like transfer from the glitter?


2018 Halloween Muffie Cinderella doll




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