Ginger by Cosmopolitan is hard plastic and

 has the rarer gray hair. 

I redressed her to look like 

my grandmother Stella.

I added a gold choker

 underneath the crystal jewelry,

feather,and applique to a

 factory made dress,belt,

 Vogue headband,my faux candy goodies,

French style box on her wrist,

Ginny modern doll shoes added 

with letter "G

and Vogue Ginny nylons.

Close-up of my additions .

  Dedicated Page to grammy, Stella B,


 More Ginger and Muffie 


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(Some of these dolls are also listed in 

Holiday sections and have other indexes)

Ginger with gray hair:    36

Strung vintage Muffie in  Valentine's Day dress by Sue:    1 

Vintage Muffie walker in Sue's repro aqua and red striped outfit:    1

1956 Muffie in a pink Easter dress and hat:    1

Muffie Walker blonde Easter repro dress:    1

Muffie Remembers her Blue Christmas:    4

Nancy Ann Muffie in a leopard coat ensemble shopping &later with Christmas wrapping:    3



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