Play "Blue Suede Shoes" for Jill please!

Jill's desk top with Vogue Jill jewelry and faux typewriter

Vintage Jill looking much like Lois Lane has the angel cut hair style .

Jill wears an original outfit along with Vogue watch,

 charm bracelet, and heart earrings

 I made the faux velvet purse and added

the tear drop necklace.

Jill is standing in front of her desk chair.

You can see her original carrying case is patent leather.

Elvis record player in same scene 

above matches her furniture quite well!

Jill framed her family photo and favorite birthday card.

Please scroll across to see the clutter on top of Jill's bed and coverlet set. 

(This is the good kind of clutter...ha!)

I love the Re-ment type Chanel black purse and key case.

The white plastic dishes are vintage 

and the little salt and pepper shakers are so cute!

The Tiffany type  watch with case and bag is also by Re-ment.

 Linda made the candy Dots and Smartees. (Love them!)

The Carlton ornament record player was sold

 in 2007 and came with a heart shaped photo of Elvis 

and a pair of blue suede shoes.

The King! A Carlton ornament

 I bought this vintage floral crocheted doily and used it as a rug.

The black cosmetic bag and boots far right

 are Re-ment and instead of a

 Chanel labeling the white box the boots came in reads "Clane".

 I never tried them on Jill as I believe they were made for Barbie.

The pink champagne bottle with glasses are Re-ment items.

The ceramic doll purse with flowers is faux but looks cute.

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