This darling vintage doll carriage was made by Ohio Art

  and kindly donated by Sue Perry. (Thank You!!!)

It is still in good condition even though the wheels 

do slide off on one bar. A tiny wheel cap will fix this

 and I am always looking for the original part.

Sue included her adorable Nancy Ann Storybook baby doll too!

I fell in love with it all and bought a few more carriages 

 to go with my other Ginny dolls. The baby doll is awesome!!!




This darling Nancy Ann baby has sleep eyes and is still in very 

good condition after all these years! Thanks again, Sue!

Make Believe is best in Jill's bedroom!

Close-up of Jill's accessories on a Ginny Closet

Heaven Sent far left and cute circular Ceramic photo of Ginny!

(Thanks, Sandi!)

Ginny in original pink Vogue formal plays masquerade

 with a mask, crown, purse, and crystal drop necklace I added.

Note the Ginny size Colorforms behind her!

There are actually mini Colorforms inside the case!

       Click the sisters above

to see Jill's desk and bed


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