A ponytail Muffie walker for sale

Muffie has a beautiful face with blue eyes and light brown hair

I added some jewelry for fun and a

 ceramic type poodle to keep Muffie company.

The 3 pc dress set was made by Gay: dress, panties, bow

and it has an open back with a snap closure.

I added the vintage velveteen hat that has the hot pink lining.

The slip is by Sue and the velveteen slip- on shoes

are by Madame Alexander

The walker mechanism operates correctly

Her price is $60.00 and 4.50 shipping

email: Carolyn@cataumet.net

I accept pay pal if funds are sent through their send money friends and family link

pic #2

pic #3

pic #4

pic #5

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you liked these Muffies!



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