Ginny repro (poodle cut hair style)

 awoke very  on Mothers Day

as the baby was crying

She decided to take a 

springtime walk in the park

 which would soothe the infant

 She assumed her older 3 daughters 

would be sleeping late. 

 Her vintage Vogue velvet collar coat 

 made in Medford, Massachusetts

was almost too warm

but she wore it year round

 as coats were expensive.

( I made her hat and faux muff

 from mink buttons.) Her metal purse

she knew was an extravagant accessory.

The vintage carriage was always

 a conversation starter

and she won it in a Fanny Farmer

 Chocolates tasting contest

The carriage body is seafoam greenish blue cardboard

 Th gray plastic wheels are plastic.

(Others had cardboard wheels)

(Rare to find this one in the original box

and in excellent condition

 as these were fragile,

 originally filled with candy)

Above is the cover to my original

 box .I love what the owner

wrote in script.

If you would like to see a few versions

of Fanny Farmer carriages,

 you can click the green baby carriage

Ginny Poodle cut Mothers Day  2018 Pg 1



Click the pink carriage to see

what Ginny is doing while Mother walks

the baby