Madame Alexander Wendy wearing

an Ebay dress by Arlene (707arlene)

One of the first outfits she auctioned 

and this pattern combo is a winner!

She does puff sleeves so perfectly.

The floral headpiece is by Alexander

and I made the double heart bracelet

and I added the Valentine pick

 Wendy has long curly ponytails

and I won three of these dolls

over time ,each one I redressed

I added the slip 

White patent shoes, socks, and slip 

are by Alexander 

 Wendy hung up her new Alexander Binah jacket

from Sweet Ginny Sharon

who also provided a gorgeous tea set with gold

trim The pink present is by Alexander.

I think the tea was a little too relaxing!



Valentines Day 2018 Page 3


Click the roses to see Repro Ginny

 and vintage Muffie

celebrating Valentines Day

 in a Marx Pretty Maid way !